I'm glad you're here. This is where I talk about knitting.


It's been a long time coming.

It's been a long time coming.

Well, here it is y'all. My first real blog post. You'd think after this long knitting and working in the fiber industry, I'd have said something out here in the deep, dark, vast interwebs by now. Nope, radio silence. Please accept my sincerest of apologies, as that stupid thing called life got in the way. *eye roll*

I suppose I'll make a formal introduction of sorts...that's what you do on these things, right? I learned to knit in 2011 when I was 21 at Knit Purl in Portland, Oregon. They had a colorful window display of Brooklyn Tweed that I walked past on my way to and from work. It was so beautiful to me, I decided I needed to know what was going on in there. I walked in, and so it begins. Keli, who now works at Starlight Knitting Society, taught me how to knit and purl, and I was on my way. It seemed so natural to me. It made sense and I caught on quickly. Soon after I learned to knit, I moved back across the country to be at home in Knoxville with my Dad, who had recently been diagnosed with FTD (Fronto-temporal Dementia). I knit the entire 5 day car ride home and found the closest LYS when I got settled. I ended up at Loopville and found an amazing community of women. I selected my very first patterns, a lace hat and a twisted stitch mitten pattern from Brooklyn Tweed (yeah, I am that person) and came in daily to soak up all I could about yarn and knitting, and life, too. I've ended up working at Loopville on and off over the past 7 years; I've taught knitting lessons and classes, reorganized yarn more times than I can count, fixed bazillions of mistakes in every kind of project you can imagine, and traveled to two TNNA's with Jinka, the owner, to pick out the hottest new yarns to carry in store. Most of all, I've made lifelong friends at Loopville. The ladies that frequent and work at my LYS are a constant in my life, no matter what.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I managed to get a job at Miss Babs in Mountain City, Tn. I packed up and moved to Boone, NC and started to see the inner-workings of the fiber industry. I washed, wound, twisted, sorted, packed, posted...All of it. I traveled to Stitches West and worked the (IN-FREAKING-SANE) Miss Babs booth and met some really awesome instagram friends and turned them into real life friends over the long weekend. Man, it was a whirlwind. Meanwhile, my dads condition was getting worse and it was really hard to be his only caretaker when I was hours and mountains away. I made the decision to move back home to help support him however I could.

Fast forward a little to the past year or so. I started a business called tntypes and opened an analogue portrait studio in downtown Knoxville and started traveling to tattoo shops and doing pop-up portrait events. It was pretty fucking cool until the tintype chemicals greatly started to affect my health. I stopped making tintypes in December of 2017 and I'm still trying to recover. Brain fog, fainting, dizziness, confusion, exhaustion, feelings of vertigo... you could say it's been an excruciating past few months. My boyfriend J has been my lifeline (even while living in Atlanta hours away!) and has helped me every second of this hellacious, toxic sickness of chemicals. I'm working with a holistic doctor now who is giving me Reiki therapy and homeopathic drops & supplements, muscle testing, reflexology, limiting my diet...and probably saving my life. I have a strict order to ditch any and all chemicals for basically the rest of my life, which has happened to put a small damper on my business plans to takeover the world with analogue portraits. Figures.

As I'm trying to come into feeling like a normal, functional human being again, I've been working with Hannah Thiessen. We're partnering with a few yarn companies - helping with social media, advertising, photo shoots, etc. I can honestly say this work has kept me afloat financially while I have been sick, and I am feeling so grateful. An added bonus that I truly enjoy what I'm working on. I am starting to see how yarn & knitting are really coming full circle for me; always interwoven into my life even when I drift away and find myself back in the thick of it all. Anyways....

Even though I really, really, really LOVE film photography and have long said that film is the only way for me, I'm going to invest in a compact digital camera similar to my beloved Leica that doesn't make me want to kill myself or throw things (probably the Fuji X100F, raise your hand if you're a total camera nerd like me!). My goal is to photograph my knitting more seriously, and maybe introduce some knitting related photography projects that I've had in my brain for a few years now. This blog will allow me a space to share what I'm knitting, yarn I'm savoring, places I'm visiting, and important photography projects about knitters I know personally, or maybe just some good ole fashioned yarn eye candy.

Props if you've made it this far. I'll see you on the flip side; aka the next blog post someday in the near future!

*Yarn in photo: Hedgehog Fibers Merino Aran purchased at Eat Sleep Knit outside of Atlanta - knit into a Millwater cowl for my Mom.